We’re accepting applications!

It’s a new year and we are now accepting applications for our 2018 conNEXTions program!

If you’re a young adult from Madison between the ages of 18-29 and are looking to discover your passion, then click here to take the next step to your success with conNEXTions.

If you’re a looking to give back to our community and support young adults in helping them achieve their goals, click here to become a mentor with conNEXTions or click here to see how else you can support our mission.


We can connect you with people and resources to help you achieve your goals and open up many opportunities through:


We match you with a mentor and connect you with people who are professionals in the community that can help you advance your career goals.


We teach you networking skills and create events for you to practice these skills. Unlike other networking memberships or programs, there are no fees for underrepresented young adults so that you can focus on achieving your dreams.


We provide free workshops to help you with your personal and professional development such as financial literacy, self-branding/confidence building, interviewing, resume writing and more! We also provide free one-on-one financial coaching and partner with companies to provide careers tours.


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